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Glass Jars are being used for some small scale storage, like some cereals and pulses. At times, we tend to use these glass jars to store gallon volume of stuffs as well. 1 gallon glass jars are very famous now days. 1 gallon would almost constitute for 5 to 6 liters. So, we can imagine how big this glass jar would be. The use of 1 gallon glass jar would be most likely to store some liquid substances that need to be kept away from the atmospheric weather conditions. There should not be any disturbances that could be made to the liquid just because of the atmospheric conditions. This is one of the major reasons why we have such kind of jars.

Having a plastic jars of such a high volume would be a risky deal altogether and hence the jars manufacturing company go for such a kind of glass jars, where the safety of the jars are well maintained and that could be used efficiently as well. These big jars can be re-used as well. After the actual use for which the jars are created, these 1 gallon glass jars can be used to grow some plants and herbs. As they must be deep in length, even we can opt for some plants that may have their roots growing down to a certain distance.

Of course, the limitations would be there that the roots shouldn’t be too large, however they could be still used so that the glass jars are effectively used and due to the fact that they are glass in nature, they are going to be transparent and that would add an additional advantage in growing plants. People would get interested in such things and naturally the amount of time that is being spent on the planting activity would drastically improve.

Another major advantage of such a huge 1 gallon glass jar would be that they can be used to store any liquid that could catch fire easily. Such liquids could be kept in this kind of 1 gallon glass jars so that they won’t catch fire easily and there fore the safety aspect of the jars are well at par. And about the view of this 1 gallon glass jar is that they have around 10 to 12 centimeters height inside and there could be a possibility of some electrodes kept inside with a height of around 8 centimeters. We need to understand why the need of electrodes in this 1 gallon glass jar is.

1 gallon glass jars can be used as a water storing device where in the water could be stored and could be cleaned before used for drinking. So, the electrodes are placed inside to purify the water and the clean water is passed on to the lower deck which would be used to drink. So, this is an added advantage that we have using 1 gallon glass jars. Apart from these, the weight of these glasses would be around 10 to 15 kilo grams.

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